Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps formula for Senior Dog (80 Capsules)

  • Anti-aging.
  • Improving short of breath.
  • Easy absorption.
  • No meat & bone meal added.



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Customized for the better health of pets

The Lingzhi & Cordyceps Supplements only for Dogs

Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps formula is the only Chinese herbal supplement combined with both Lingzhi and Cordyceps, customizing for the bodily functions of dogs. It contains not just 1 species of Lingzhi, but it composed of 6 species of Lingzhi in total (including green, yellow, red, purple, white and black Lingzhi) and also cordyceps. The proprietary formulation is made according to the health condition of senior dogs and their needs, effectively strengthening the immunity of aging dogs, and helping them keep away from diseases.

– Proven Efficacy of Lingzhi & Cordyceps from Veterinary Clinical Studies

Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps formula contains polysaccharides, germanium, triterpenoids, adenosine cordyceps acid, cordyceps polysaccharides. Supported by various efficacy proofs, benefit of Lingzhi and Cordyceps are as below:

  • 1. Boost up immunity, relief oxidation, delay aging
  • 2. Regulate metabolism, increase blood oxygen level and circulation
  • 3. Improve short of breath and respiratory system
  • 4. Strengthen cardio-vascular function
  • 5. Regulate blood sugar level, blood lipid, blood pressure
  • 6. Relief frequent urination, incontinence
  • 7. Increase appetite, fortify hair follicles and improve hair condition and relief the dullness

– Easily absorbed formulation with obvious efficacy

– GMP certified product, no meat & bone meal

– Can dogs consume human type Lingzhi & Cordyceps supplements?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Dog’s digestive system and absorption are different from human. Thus negative effect will be resulted if feeding them with human type Lingzhi & Cordycepts supplements. Dogs have no digestive enzymes in mouth, so are unable to decompose the starch though they have more number of teeth. It shredding-shape can’t allow chew the food thoroughtly, and putting the food into the stomach in just 5 seconds. Because of lower PH value of gastiric juice and short digestive tracts (the length of intestine is 6ft for dog with 70lbs, only 1/6 of human being), the active ingredients of normal Lingzhi & Cordyceps supplements could be difficulty digested and absorbed, and even accumulate in the body. It may cause toxication. Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps formula has gone through a specialized processing technique to enhance the absorption for dogs. The formula and dosage are also based on researches on dogs to ensure its safety and efficacy.


  • Small Breed (1-7kg):
    • For prevention & health protection: 1 capsule daily, consumption in the morning is recommended
    • For dogs during convalescence or remedy: 1-2 capsules twice daily, consumption at day & night is recommended
  • Medium or Large Breed (over 7kg):
    • For prevention & health protection: 2 capsules daily, consumption in the morning is recommended
    • For dogs during convalescence or remedy: 2-3 capsules twice daily, consumption at day & night is recommended
  • For dogs with sensitive digestive systems use half the daily for the first 2 weeks