MICROMED “B” Beauty Powder mix is for a beautiful, shiny skin healthy skin / hooves / claws, it serves the construction, elasticity and strengthening of hoofs, nails and claws for animals with blunt fur, brittle hooves or claws, dry and cracked skin .
  • Enhances hair growth and shiny
  • Repair fragile nails and claws
  • Repair dry skin
  • Protective foot
  • Protect dry skin



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MICROMED – B Beauty Plus Powder Supplement (50g)

Ingredients:​ amino acids , silica earth , calcium, zinc from zinc oxide, biotin

Composition / ingredients:
Amino Acids 35%
Silica 30%
Calcium 30%
Zinc from zinc oxide 4.5%
Biotin 0.5%

Feeding recommendation:
Dog and cat per 10 Kg body weight 0.2 g, (corresponds to 1 measuring tip)
Horse (500 Kg LG) 10 g daily