Antibacterial eye drops containing colloidal silver, hyaluronic acid and skylight.

They bring soothing to irritated and dry eyes.

When to use?
Conjunctivitis, keratitis, red eyes, dry eyes. Bacterial diseases of the eye, staph infection.



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MICROMED – Diferion Eyes Drops (10mL)

How to use?
Depending on the type of disease, 2-3 drops a day directly to the eye. In prophylaxis 1 x daily, one drop for each eye.

In addition, it is recommended to clean the area around the eyes with a Micromed eye cleaner.

They contain only proven ingredients. Known as a natural antibiotic, colloidal silver deprives the bacteria of survival. Thanks to the oligodynamic effect of silver, enzymes that maintain the energetic metabolism of bacteria are blocked. Effective against any fungi, bacteria, viruses, streptococci, staphylococci and other pathogenic organisms. In fact, no bacteria are known which will not be

– Colloidal silver 25ppm, Natriumhyaluron 0, 25%, vitamin A, palmitate, Retinolpalmitat 120 i.E.

– Colloidal silver: kills more than 650 different fungi, viruses, bacteria, molds, streptococci and staphylococci


Put 1-2 drops in your eyes several times a day. Suitable for daily care. Keep it cool. Open within 8 weeks of use