Quickly stop bleeding and prevent infection without irritating the wound.

Generally antibiotics can only kill about 6 different bacteria
But [Colloidal Silver] is effective against more than 650 kinds of bacteria without drug resistance

【Colloidal Silver】Recognized by the US FDA as a natural antibiotic with absolutely no toxicity and no side effects

[Colloidal Silver] is used to combat and prevent diseases and infections caused by infections or accidents, such as treating burns, skin infections, body inflammations, etc…



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MICROMED – Wound Gel (100mL)

  • Quickly stop bleeding and prevent infection
  • Does not irritate wounds
  • Cover the wound with a gel layer
  • Regulate skin moisture and balance cell regeneration


Argentum colloidale 40 ppm, Xanthan,
Lysolecithin, Aloe Barbadensis 2%, Aqua dest


After washing the wound, apply it to the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Know the benefits of [silver ion]

※Safely clean and care for wounds
※Prevent wound infection
※The nature is gentle, does not irritate the wound
※Quickly relieve the redness and swelling of the wound
※Reduce wound odor and relieve itching
※No drugs, no side effects, no toxicity
※Help chronic and difficult-to-heal wounds