We offer a full range of dog & cat grooming services, from a quick nail trim, clear cleansing, paws fur trimming, to a thorough shower or a full groom service: Basic grooming includes: nails clipping, ears cleansing, glands cleaning, paws fur trimming, depending on your pets needs.

When you bring your dog or cat in for grooming, we will always discuss with you about the needs for your pets, based on the condition of their coat and confirm the price. By doing so, you and your pet can get exactly what you want!

Please contact us for further information or appointment!


Our caring team creates a relaxing environment for your dog in our modern spa facilities, which are designed to cater to the comfort of our furry guests.

A spa must come along with a thorough bath with hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and products designed specifically to be safe and gentle on different pets’ skin and coat. Our spa attendants are highly trained at handling dogs of all sizes and breeds, and know how to put your pup at ease during any treatment.

    1. Milk Spa for moisturizing the skin and coat.
    2. Herbal Spa for deeper cleaning purposes.

It’s time for your pet to have a MAKE OVER

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