An Extraordinary Experience in Pet Villa…



Don’t want to look like the Youtube video titled ‘how I look when I wash my pets’? Don’t hesitate to make a reservation with us. Sometimes, washing pets may be messy, time-consuming and stressful for both you and your pets. Let our professional groomers take the anxiety off your shoulders!

Bathing & Spa-ing should be a relaxing and pampering activity. In order for your pets to experience that, a transparent, luxurious Spa tub is ready for them. You may be surprised to find out how enjoyable they are!



It’s now a legal requirement for Daycare and Boarding services to be locally licensed by the HK Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department. We are pleased to say that we have a 5 Star rating for our services.

We have space on the 2nd floor which allows us to provide the right balance of exercise, play and rest for your dog. If they get along well, your furbabies can play with their friends during the day. So even on a rainy day, they would still be given a decent amount of activities without getting wet

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